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Seo website design standards

How known as seo web standards?

For a standard website, a good seo has always been the search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo .. appreciate, is a high priority ranking in search results depend on many factors, especially "Engineering arts "of each unit designed website.

Here are 28 basic elements to get a standard web page seo.

Domains & Hosting I..

1. Select a domain with high relevance to the content of the website. May contain a few keywords as possible of the website, domain name have time to use for as long as is appreciated.

2. Hosting has fast feet, IP Server also affects slightly to seo (web seo If you are in Vietnam to buy servers based in Vietnam)

II. Website design.

3. Optimize website url.

Should url encoded in the article title, relevant to the article content, keywords, description.

Limiting the length of the best url for seo just 3 acute since the domain name (domain. Com / CAP1 / Fiber2 / Level 3).

Use url rewrite for the links and separate each word with a minus sign - or underscore _.

4. Title (article title) are always placed on the same card and contain content relevant to the article content, website url. The length of 60-65 characters title

5. Keywords (keywords) content of this card does not contain too many keywords, the total number of characters must not exceed 160 characters.

6. Description (description) card content does not contain too many keywords, the total number of characters must not exceed 160 characters. A brief description of the article content.

7. Always place the article title, tag important keywords in h1, h2, h3 ... in order of priority importance of keywords.

8. Separate the parts as style css, javascript, independent data into files. Limiting excessive use javascript.

9. Limit the use of table in html. Especially the table nested table.

10. Try to put at the top of the main content of the html page structure.

11. Create the index guide (breadcumb). The purpose of allowing users to easily return the index easily.

12. Use a font format for the header and footer links instead of images. Can I use javascript to handle links.

13. Create a links page 404 for not found.

14. Create share articles to social networks by creating shared nodes.

15. Optimize your website displays on mobile devices. That is why today the access on mobile devices is not new so the user will be reduced if your website does not support the display on the mobile device.

16. Create an RSS feed for the website content.

17. Create a sitemap containing links to content on Web pages. It allows users to easily search and access to the content they need.

18. Check with the W3C standard html structure (when the test can ignore the error and warning HTML5 tag og: title, og: description, og: image formats when using HTML5 website).

19. Allow change the meta tags and title, keywords, content description for each article.

III. Editorial content.

20. When updating content url, title, keywords, description must be related to each other.

21. Use only the means, structures readable and easy to collect data from Google.

22. Put links to other affiliate sites to help the reader easy to follow and easy to help index.

23. The contents of the article easier to read. Headers and content articles in conjunction with paragraphs and sub header number list. Mainly content to new, attractive, beautifully presented and highly informative.

24. Add photos to more attractive content. Put the title and alt attributes as the image will help to SE appreciated for your website content and keywords related to the image.

25. Do not cram too many keywords on a web page, select the keywords typical and put at the end of the article content.

26. Limit the use of flash or better not use flash because search engines can not read flash content.

27. Place the link on the page author, page analysis taking into account the high prestige. This will make your articles persuasive and greater reliability.

28. Update your website regularly. This is the most important it will help you attract readers visit and remember the content should focus on current trends and must relate to the theme of the website.

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